Aloe Cooling Gel for Fibromyalgia Pains

I have tried probably dozens of different creams, gels and sprays over the years as painkilling agents for muscle pain stemming from fibromyalgia.  From natural remedies to “medicine” prescribed by my GP (i.e. Ibuprofen gel), none of them have actually helped much.

So I am rather surprised and pleased that I have finally found one that actually works for me! It´s not even an expensive one and produced by a local company here in the Canary Islands (Tenerife).

I bought the Errezil Aloe Vera Muscle Cooling Gel a few weeks ago and, luckily, haven´t had the need to try it out until today when I woke in the morning with a stabbing pain in my left triceps on any movement and not being able to lift the arm. I have applied it 3 times today and although it does wear off 1-2 hours later, the relief is amazing.  The cold sensation felt on the skin and deeper down is very pleasant and, more importantly, it numbs the pain in an effective way. It is marketed as an aloe vera gel – my guess would be that it is because what tourists love to buy and take back home from the Canary Islands – but the actual pain relieving ingredient is arnica.

We all know that different fibro meds/remedies work differently for everyone with this condition, but if you, like myself, haven´t found a topical cream or gel that works for you yet, then I would recommend trying this one out.

Direct Link to this gel on the Aloe Errezil Website
Aloe Errezil Website

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  • Ah, that’s interesting. I used to use lots of things with aloe in over there and it always suited me. Here they tend to be innoffensive, but inneffective. Might try some arnica gel though. 

    • Luckily the pain in my arm that I was using for is completely gone today! :)