Your Ideal Weight…

By the end of last year I realised that I would have to lose that flab around the middle again.  My weight had been creeping up slowly for the 6 months before Christmas and I just had to make a resolution for “some time next year” to go on a diet again.  So I set the date for 1st March, 6 weeks before my birthday.  

Explained in a nutshell, the diet that works for me, and has worked for me before, is basically keeping carbs and proteins apart, i.e. eat them on different days.  When I diet, I am very very strict, but the weight came off only slowly.  However, by late April I had lost almost 4kg and I had beaten those bad habits that I had picked up the year before.  These were: starting to eat butter again with bread and toast, whereas for years I had used cream cheese light as a substitute, and I was drinking 1 or 2 Red Bull type energy drinks a day.  Those were the worst things I could have done, so I´m glad I am now off that sh*t again! 

I seem to still be losing a tiny bit of weight even though I´m not dieting any longer, but funnily enough, I have been pretty much on junk food for the last few months. Okay, I don´t solely live on junk food – I believe I have found a perfect balance between coffees/pizzas/Burgerking on the one hand, and lots of fruit, herbal teas, wholemeal products and supplement pills/vitamins on the other. I have been keeping off butter (or very little of it), using virgin olive oil instead, and off those evil energy drinks (only had one of those since March). Instead of potato crisps, I have been munching on corn chips. 

And what about the beer?! Well, I have been drinking a little more than usual, but obviously still within good limits regarding my weight. 🙂

So there. I hope this is not rubbing it in too much but will actually inspire you a bit, if you are not happy with your weight…

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