Citadel – Short Movie Review

Citadel is a deliciously angsty, dark and creepy movie that I think even the most hardened of you horror film fans would enjoy very much. It is an Irish/UK effort, starring a young actor (Aneurin Barnard) who reminded me very much of Frodo Baggins (the same kinda huge, beady eyes!).

A father whose pregnant wife got put in a coma for 9 months and subsequently dies after a vicious attack by a gang of feral kids, struggles with severe agoraphobia and tries to cope with his baby daughter, who had survived the attack.  However, his baby isn´t safe from the gangs and they kidnap her, and he goes after them with the help of a mad old priest…

I am pleased to see that there are still fairly original, not too predictable films out there, even though from the above short description you might think this was not the case – so go and watch it, and you´ll see…

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