Rant about Facebook


Warning: Some strong language below, not that I really give a fuck though. 

I have had it up to the fuckin TEETH with people misunderstanding, misinterpreting and misquoting me on Facebook. ONLY on Facebook this ever happens. I have never had a problem with anybody on Twitter or Instagram or YouTube, or the other social media that I use.

facebook-sucksI think it just goes to show what type of people are on Facebook, with their zero attention spans and not reading things properly and making pointless drama out of NOTHING — makes me wonder whether most Facebook users’ IQs are actually lower than people who use more “intelligent” social media options. I think a good comparison to use here would be people who read The Sun (unedcuated, lower or middle working class, narrow-minded) and people who read the Huffington Post (educated, middle or upper working class, open-minded). No, I´m not calling anyone “stupid”. Stupid to me is not an IQ thing. Stupid is when you are a crappy, non-compassionate, non-decent human being, but that is another topic completely. Right now I’m talking about the pointless drama and wasting energy and time on people causing said drama on Facebook.

Getting back to other social media, the amount of times I have heard “I don’t understand Twitter”…  WTF! There’s nothing TO understand! You are just a lazy sod too set in your ways to try and learn new things. For the record, Twitter is extremely easy to learn, it certainly is much simpler than Facebook. Just saying. I am not asking anyone to join me on Twitter – please spare me, and stay on Facebook and continue your drama there without me!

The only reason why I still have a Facebook account is because I am the administrator of various business pages, which is part of my job as a web designer. If not for that, I would long ago have deleted my account — which is what I did with my previous account. I also run a few cat related groups that I’m very fond of, and you’ll still see me in those, but I won’t comment or post much in those anymore either now.

FB get a life

I will not get into ANY MORE pointless arguments or discussions on Facebook, and will not leave any comments or give helpful advice where it´s not asked for (or even if it’s asked for — go, piss off and learn how to Google or pay me for the advice).

I know I have said all this 2 or 3 times before over the last few years, but enough is enough and I’m SICK of it, and unlike most people, I do learn from my past mistakes, so bye-bye Facebook and good riddance.




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