Cat vs. Baby Goose – Harbour Cats Puerto del Carmen

Watch these little guys having a tiff over some cat food! :)


Scotsman Playing Christmas Tunes on Bagpipes in Lanzarote Parking Lot

Found this Scotsman (who introduced himself as Gordon) playing his bagpipes in the middle of a parking lot in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote on Christmas Day…. How random is this?! LOL


Incredible 22° Halo around the Sun

I was so fortunate to witness this amazing phenomenon this morning – photo taken from my balcony.

For those interested, this is called a 22° Halo and it is produced by light interacting with ice crystals in the atmosphere…



Supermoon Lunar Eclipse 28 September 2015

My photos of last night’s supermoon lunar eclipse. I stayed up for it from 1am to 5am, and even though my fibro/RA pain is killing me right now (which was expected) and I’m feeling nauseous and my coordination is out the window, it was oh so worth it! After all, the next total lunar eclipse visible in this part of the world isn’t until January 2019, and the next supermoon eclipse is in 2033 (who knows if we’re even still alive by then, hahah!).


NO TO Wearing Swimwear in Shops & Restaurants

Lanzarote is a popular holiday destination with a tropical climate, lots of gorgeous beaches and sunshine all year round, but the following is one of the small prices we have to pay for living in paradise (and don’t get me wrong, it is worth paying!).

We have to put up with holidaymakers walking around in nothing more than their swimming trunks or bikinis in the street, into the shops and even eating at restaurants & cafés. 

Personally, I don’t mind as long as they wear next to nothing on the beach or even walking along the beach front Avenida like that, but I draw the line when I’m sitting in a restaurant or café when a fat old man (or even a skinny young man or woman!) sits down at the table next to me in nothing more than his speedos while I’m trying to eat. Not only is this extremely inconsiderate and disrespectful to other people, but it’s also horribly unhygienic, sitting with their bare, sweaty flesh, covered in sun cream, on those chairs!

Having complained at quite a few restaurants where this has happened, I simply get told by staff that “the boss won’t allow us to do that” or, speaking to the boss him/herself, “sorry, but we can’t do that”. Unfortunately, most restaurants and smaller shops here really can’t afford to lose business by kicking out people who are not dressed in a decent way, so other diners like myself just have to put up with it, move table (if there is another one free), or leave.

Yesterday I found that our Lidl in Puerto del Carmen had put up this sign though.

Lidl no to swimwear


Thanks Lidl! Absolutely love it! Even though it’s very unlikely, I can only hope that at least the bigger supermarketst and restaurants here are all going to do something similar soon….


Planespotting at Lanzarote Airport

Whooooosh! :D

And these are the photos I took.


The Mad Cat Lady & Cats on TV!

Back in March, Doghouse Media came over to film me and my “husbands” Lugosi and Spider for a documentary they were doing for Channel 5 (a major UK TV channel), called “90 Cats and Counting: Cat Crazies”.  This was on TV on 1st July, and here´s the segment that we star in…. ENJOY! :)


Empty the Tanks – Protest Against New Dolphinarium at Rancho Texas Lanzarote

Lending our voices to the worldwide protests today against imprisoning dolphins and other cetaceans in water-filled concrete bunkers, like the one that Rancho Texas Park (which is a small local zoo) are building right now in Lanzarote.

I was disappointed though at the lack of actual *voices* making themselves heard.  Having looked at some of the other protests around the world today, there was a lot more noise being made to tell people what we are about and what we are protesting against.

Here in Lanzarote, people were just standing there, too busy chatting to each other, and appearing to expect passers-by to automatically know what our protest was about by seeing our posters. There were no chants or handing out flyers to educate tourists entering the zoo to let them know what we were actually doing there, and I feel the organiser was worrying more about us getting chucked out of the car park (which is a risk you take at any protest!) , than actually wanting to make an impact and get seen and heard. Talking to the press is, of course, all good and well, but a group of people just standing there looking cute is, in my opinion, rather pointless and I feel that we made little, if any, impact at all.

Yes, I know, there´s always a lot more “politics” to it all, but still, I can´t help express my disappointment – and that´s just a small part of what my blog is for: expressing my opinion! :)

Anyway, here are my photos and video.


Lidl Opens New Store In Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote

Cool. I now have a Lidl supermarket right on my doorstep (5 mins walk from my house).

The grand opening wasn´t that grand though – I expected a lot more people, and there wasn´t any press either – just me and a few other people with cameras, but nothing major.  Not that I´m complaining! I do suffer from “trolley rage” at times when it´s too packed in a supermarket and get claustrophobic easily…. so all is good really!

2015-06-04 08.30.11lidl-pdc1 lidl-pdc2 lidl-pdc3  2015-06-04 08.46.10


My Chat on Lanzarote Mix Radio

I had the pleasure of getting invited by Jerry Lefever to appear on local Playa Blanca/Lanzarote radio station Lanzarote Mix last Friday, 29th May 2015.

Here´s a short part of it that I selfie-filmed with my mobile phone camera – hence my mouth movements being out of sync, haha! ENJOY.