Keanu – Cute Kitty in the Movies!

I have not seen this movie yet, but the trailer looks hilarious. 😉


The Mad Cat Lady & Cats on TV!

Back in March, Doghouse Media came over to film me and my “husbands” Lugosi and Spider for a documentary they were doing for Channel 5 (a major UK TV channel), called “90 Cats and Counting: Cat Crazies”.  This was on TV on 1st July, and here´s the segment that we star in…. ENJOY! 🙂


More TV Shoot Pics of Me and the Boys

I was just emailed some gorgeous photos one of the TV guys took on Tuesday of me with Lugosi & Spider – photography credit goes to Paul Fletcher of ReadyReady Productions.






TV Shoot with the Cats Today

After the airline losing the TV team´s camera equipment on Sunday, they finally managed to get a replacement camera sent over this morning, and we did all the filming that was supposed to be done in two days, in ONE day alone, today…. as you can imagine, after 8 hours almost non-stop filming and being on my feet for this, I am totally shattered now – but… it all went well! 🙂

Lugosi wasn´t too impressed being carted off to my friend Anneke´s house for the “renewal of vows” ceremony, but he still did admirably well, whereas Spider was really good and seemed to quite enjoy all the attention, even though he appeared just slightly nervous.

The film itself will be aired in about 2 months´ time on the UK´s Channel 5, but I´ll post here to let you all know when it will be on when I have the details, and/or post a link to where you can watch it online.

Thanks again to my friends Bernie and Lori for attending as guests, and Anneke for loaning us her beautiful patio for location shooting. And not to forget Sian, Paul and Mark from Doghouse Media, who were fantastic and such great fun to work with! 🙂





Lugosi wasn´t too happy, but he still did amirably well!

Lugosi: “I think I can escape when she´s not looking…”

Kissies for the boys! 🙂


He lived long and prospered…

Today was not a good day to die, but Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock in Star Trek (amongst lots of other things in his 50 year acting career), sadly did pass on…

Along with Captain Kirk (William Shatner), Spock has been my childhood hero all my life, since I first watched the original Star Trek series in around 1974 (I was 8 then), so this news is very sad for me and did make me cry a little, I must admit. My blessings and positive thoughts go out to the family and close friends of this amazing man – he lived long and prospered, but now he must rest in peace….





“Franklyn” – Film Review

Franklyn” – surely is one of the most wicked films I have seen recently! 

Spinning three stories set in two parallel dimensions (two set in contemporary London and the other in the fictional, steampunky, apocalyptic looking “Meanwhile City”), the three stories eventually come together in one fascinating finale…. those who know me know that I like films that are not predictable, and this one delivers that aspect really well.

I won´t say any more to avoid spoilers (even though this movie is from 2008 some of you might still not have seen it), apart from highly recommending this one to anyone who likes sci-fi / fiction / fantasy stuff. 


Citadel – Short Movie Review

Citadel is a deliciously angsty, dark and creepy movie that I think even the most hardened of you horror film fans would enjoy very much. It is an Irish/UK effort, starring a young actor (Aneurin Barnard) who reminded me very much of Frodo Baggins (the same kinda huge, beady eyes!).

A father whose pregnant wife got put in a coma for 9 months and subsequently dies after a vicious attack by a gang of feral kids, struggles with severe agoraphobia and tries to cope with his baby daughter, who had survived the attack.  However, his baby isn´t safe from the gangs and they kidnap her, and he goes after them with the help of a mad old priest…

I am pleased to see that there are still fairly original, not too predictable films out there, even though from the above short description you might think this was not the case – so go and watch it, and you´ll see…

Click on the image for info on “Citadel” on IMDB

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