TV Shoot with the Cats Today

After the airline losing the TV team´s camera equipment on Sunday, they finally managed to get a replacement camera sent over this morning, and we did all the filming that was supposed to be done in two days, in ONE day alone, today…. as you can imagine, after 8 hours almost non-stop filming and being on my feet for this, I am totally shattered now – but… it all went well! 🙂

Lugosi wasn´t too impressed being carted off to my friend Anneke´s house for the “renewal of vows” ceremony, but he still did admirably well, whereas Spider was really good and seemed to quite enjoy all the attention, even though he appeared just slightly nervous.

The film itself will be aired in about 2 months´ time on the UK´s Channel 5, but I´ll post here to let you all know when it will be on when I have the details, and/or post a link to where you can watch it online.

Thanks again to my friends Bernie and Lori for attending as guests, and Anneke for loaning us her beautiful patio for location shooting. And not to forget Sian, Paul and Mark from Doghouse Media, who were fantastic and such great fun to work with! 🙂





Lugosi wasn´t too happy, but he still did amirably well!

Lugosi: “I think I can escape when she´s not looking…”

Kissies for the boys! 🙂


Lanzarote in Bloom

If you want to enjoy the full size pics (1000px wide), click on the Flickr link below…


Beautiful Feral Kitties in Güime

I encountered these gorgeous Lanzarote ferals, who are being looked after by my friend Bernie Payton (who runs the TNR charity 9 Lives Lanzarote).






New Cat Calendar 2015: Cat Faces (Cats of Lanzarote Edition)

Your favourite feline photographer´s Cat Calendar 2015 is now available!

I have chosen some of my best photos again and put them in this calendar. Some are pet cats here in Lanzarote, and other photos are of those gorgeous feral street cats. The calendar makes a great Christmas gift for your cat lover friends or family, or for yourself to keep of course. In Euros, the price for this lovely calendar works out around €16 including shipping (depending on your location, it might be less than that though).

For every calendar sold I will donate €1.00 to 9 Lives Lanzarote (local spay/neuter charity).


Here you can preview the calendar pages.


Happy Halloween from Haus von Fluffenstein

And some other photos from that session…

Nom. Treats! And Catnip!

Spider really doesn´t want to be there…

Ruby posing pretty





Just 10 Photos and the Cats of Lanzarote

I just found out via Twitter that I, and also 9 Lives Lanzarote , were mentioned in this wonderful article about the Cats of Lanzarote.

Thank you soooo much “Just 10 Photos” for giving me and our local cat charity some exposure… and I adore your photos! 🙂

:: CLICK HERE to read the article ::

15301451987 57d0d5571c o

(photo credit: Just 10 Photos)


Catnip Camera featured on Catster

Here´s my latest Catster article, which is… about myself! Actually, it´s about Catnip Camera and my feline photography really, but with a bit of personal back story thrown in. ENJOY!

:: Click to read the Catnip Camera Article on Catster ::

You´ll find many more beautiful cat photos in the actual article, but here are just three for now…

odd eyed white cat face

two kittens in alley

maine coon tabby


This critter surely never gets lost in the dark…

I don´t know much about butterflies (I do know this is a Red Admiral though), but can you believe, this little guy appears to have *lights* at the ends of his antennae. 🙂



Samsung WB150F WiFi – Digital Camera Review

I do love my little 14MP Samsung WB150F camera with WiFi! The image quality is very good, but nowhere near my big (and twice as expensive!) Nikon Coolpix P100 and Panasonic FZ-18 cameras – however, it has a lot of little things that make it fun to take with you anywhere you go – and at home.

In summary, after 3 days of use, so far my favourite features are:

  • WiFi.  This is the main reason why I bought it.  Whenever you´re near a free hotspot in a café or similar place, you can send your photos directly to Facebook from the camera.  There´s also Picasa and Photobucket, and YouTube for videos – but sadly, no Twitter.  However, you can transfer the photos to your mobile phone with an app called Mobile Link and from there send them to your Twitter or other social media site….  If you like,you could also first edit (brighten, sharpen etc.) your photos before posting them.  
  • Effects. There are some great effects built right into the camera that you can apply to photos, the Tilt-Shift (Miniature) and Zooming Shot being my favourites (see sample photos below).  The Magic Frame effect is quite cool too, combining two or three photos into one seamless shot.  
  • 18x Optical Zoom!  This is the first superzoom camera in pocket size.  Quality-wise the 18x optical zoom is very good, but you need to have a steady hand for those kinds of shots. 

There are a lot more features that this camera possesses, but I am only highlighting my own personal favourites here.

And now to the not so impressive:

  • Transfer your photos to your computer wirelessly. This is a bit slow I found, and by the time you have fiddled with switching on the camera and initiating the transfer and then opening the software on your computer, you could have taken the SD card out of your camera or connected it to your computer with a cable.
  • Fiddly to set up email, Facebook etc. or type text.  Because the camera does not have a touch screen (next model maybe?), it´s rather fiddly scrolling through the keyboard to “type” in text.  However, to set up your Facebook or YouTube accounts, you only need to do it once and the camera remembers it next time. 
  • Remote triggering of camera with a mobile phone.  This, sadly, doesn´t work because the app needed for my phone is not available for the Samsung Galaxy Ace. 

All in all, I would give this camera 7 out of 10 stars.  Handling is easy once you have familiarised yourself with all the options and menus, and there is also a fully manual mode for those who like to be in control of their shutter and aperture speeds. It´s most definitely a fun camera to take around with you, it´s light and fits into your bag, and it´s the cheapest WiFi enabled camera that´s out there at the moment.

Example Photos

Photo taken with the Zooming Shot Effect

Photo taken with the Tilt-Shift (Miniature) Effect

 The Camera: Samsung WB150F

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