Tabcat Cat Tracker Review

I recently received a promotional sample of the Tabcat Cat Tracker. If you have ever struggled to find your cat inside your house or around your garden or nearby streets, especially when you need to take them to the vet (they always “just know”!), then this may be for you.

The package I received consisted of two homing tags, a couple of splash proof covers, and the handheld tracking unit. Registering a tag is extremely easy, and once you have attached the tag to your cat’s collar, you can start tracking your kitty!

The Tabcat Cat Tracker comes in a very attractive box with easy to follow instructions in various major languages

The homing tag weighs just 6 grams and is small enough not to bother your cat in its day to day activities.  It has a range of up 122 meters (400 feet), but if there are walls and doors between you and the cat, this will be significantly less. Tracking one of my cats was easily achieved by following the beeps and the lights on the handheld unit, which increase in pitch and turn from red via amber to green respectively – green meaning that you have found your cat. A little beeping sound will also emit from the tag on the cat’s collar, which can be used to teach your cat to return to you once you have located him/her with the Tabcat tracker.

My cats are indoor only, but they do go out for walks in our pedestrian only alley under my supervision twice a day. They don’t wear collars, so for testing purposes I put on one of their many colourful cravats (see picture below) and attached the tag to that.

Inside our apartment, the tracker works really well. So when your cat hides away because of a forthcoming trip to the dreaded vets, or after being scared by fireworks, you will easily be able to find where he/she is hiding. It works through walls, and probably upstairs/downstairs too, but I was not able to test the latter because our apartment is on one floor only.

cat with cravat and tabcat tracker

Spider wearing a Tabcat Cat Tracker with a funky turquoise cover

As soon as I opened the front door, my boy Spider escaped and ran down the stairs into the alley. Using the handheld unit I was easily able to track him down, hidden in a nearby alcove, where I would not have seen him because he was obscured by foliage. However, another test revealed that the tracker will not penetrate more than one thick garden wall, and when my ginger girl Ruby was in the alley and behind two walls, the handheld unit did not pick up her signal until I was clear of one of those walls.

So here is my opinion of the pros and cons of the Tabcat Cat Tracker:


  • Lightweight and small enough not to bother your cat.
  • Good range, works through at least one thick wall and through doors.
  • Possibility of training your cat to return to you when the beep on the cat’s tag is activated.
  • Great for apartments or small upstairs/downstairs houses, and to find your cat in the vicinity of your garden and nearby streets.
  • Great to find your indoor cat – especially when he/she has escaped outside!


  • May not work in large houses, or gardens bigger than 100 meters square if the cat roams further than that.
  • If the cat loses its collar, it will lose the tag with it.
  • Does not work through more than one thick wall.
  • Not suitable if your cat has a huge territory outdoors.

** Click here to find out more about the Tabcat Cat Tracker on their website **


Hinterland Herb Co. – Worst Customer Service Ever – Avoid this Company

It has come to my attention via my good friend of mine, that a U.S. company called Hinterland Herb Co. have behaved in a truly unbelievable way, after being contacted by her about wishing to buy their organic catnip from their Etsy shop.

When being told the rather steep price of their product, my friend said that she could buy organic catnip from Amazon for a fraction of the price they quoted. After that, Hinterland Herb got really nasty, calling her “cheap” and saying “if your cat chokes and dies on the sawdust they add as filler, or ingests some of the toxic pesticides that is often present on the cheap junk, rest assured in knowing that it is only $40 or so to get a new cat. Good that you saved a few bucks.“, followed by calling her “a lying cat murderer“!

Read the Full Conversation HERE (.pdf 97kb)

This is totally unbelievable and any company treating potential or existing customers like that should be reported and avoided at all cost!

My friend did some research on the company and could not even find a full address where they are based, nor a phone number, which makes one wonder how legit these people really are. But at least she found the name of the owner is Larry Peters.

Well, Larry… I think you either owe my friend (and whichever other customers you have insulted with your disgusting behaviour) an apology, or you should simply stop trading altogether.  Any company who wants to stay in business, simply does not say nasty things like this to their customers! It’s a sure fire way to shut you down, because know that word gets round very quickly on the internet and social media these days…



Meet the Australian Kitty Foster Fail Lady rescuing cats in the Philippines

I had the pleasure of doing an interview for Catster with the wonderful Michelle of Kitty Central, who is a total heroine to her 9 cats, and also to many other cats that she has rescued and fostered.

:: CLICK HERE to read her story ::

9-kitties baby-shay-tully harper-finn heroimage michelle-asha


Rant about Facebook


Warning: Some strong language below, not that I really give a fuck though. 

I have had it up to the fuckin TEETH with people misunderstanding, misinterpreting and misquoting me on Facebook. ONLY on Facebook this ever happens. I have never had a problem with anybody on Twitter or Instagram or YouTube, or the other social media that I use.

facebook-sucksI think it just goes to show what type of people are on Facebook, with their zero attention spans and not reading things properly and making pointless drama out of NOTHING — makes me wonder whether most Facebook users’ IQs are actually lower than people who use more “intelligent” social media options. I think a good comparison to use here would be people who read The Sun (unedcuated, lower or middle working class, narrow-minded) and people who read the Huffington Post (educated, middle or upper working class, open-minded). No, I´m not calling anyone “stupid”. Stupid to me is not an IQ thing. Stupid is when you are a crappy, non-compassionate, non-decent human being, but that is another topic completely. Right now I’m talking about the pointless drama and wasting energy and time on people causing said drama on Facebook.

Getting back to other social media, the amount of times I have heard “I don’t understand Twitter”…  WTF! There’s nothing TO understand! You are just a lazy sod too set in your ways to try and learn new things. For the record, Twitter is extremely easy to learn, it certainly is much simpler than Facebook. Just saying. I am not asking anyone to join me on Twitter – please spare me, and stay on Facebook and continue your drama there without me!

The only reason why I still have a Facebook account is because I am the administrator of various business pages, which is part of my job as a web designer. If not for that, I would long ago have deleted my account — which is what I did with my previous account. I also run a few cat related groups that I’m very fond of, and you’ll still see me in those, but I won’t comment or post much in those anymore either now.

FB get a life

I will not get into ANY MORE pointless arguments or discussions on Facebook, and will not leave any comments or give helpful advice where it´s not asked for (or even if it’s asked for — go, piss off and learn how to Google or pay me for the advice).

I know I have said all this 2 or 3 times before over the last few years, but enough is enough and I’m SICK of it, and unlike most people, I do learn from my past mistakes, so bye-bye Facebook and good riddance.



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