My 2017 Cat Calendar Is Out! Street Cats of Jerusalem

I had the pleasure of meeting the friendly feral street cats that live all over Jerusalem whilst on my trip there in April of this year. Now you can enjoy my new 2017 calendar which has 13 beautiful images of these cats, and makes a great Christmas present for both cat lovers and animal photography aficionados.

€0.50 of each calendar will be donated to The Kennel Klub Lanzarote, one of our local animal charities.

Click on the image below to preview all the pages, and to buy…


Coronita vs. Corona – The End Of An Era

No more Coronita in Spain! The trademark for the name “Corona” that Torres winemakers have held for more than a century has come to an end, and the Mexican company Modelo is finally able to market its flagship beer as Corona in Spain, now using the same name as in the rest of the world. Up until now the beer has been known as “Coronita” here.

:: Read this article for more info (in Spanish) ::

I for one will be keeping hold of a bottle or two of Coronita not only for reminiscence’s sake, but also because it may quite possibly become a much sought after collector’s item in a few years’ time. 😉



Scooby North America Rescues Galgos Dogs in Spain and Finds Them Homes in the U.S.

Read my latest article on Dogster…

Scooby North America Rescues Galgos Dogs in Spain and Finds Them Homes in the U.S.

Few breeds of dogs have to endure the same kind of hardship as the Galgo Español (Spanish Greyhound). Galgos are extremely gentle and calm; get on fantastically with young children, other dogs, and even cats; and would like nothing more than spend the whole day lazing around on a comfy sofa.


Empty the Tanks Lanzarote: NO to Dolphin Prisons!

It was a really good turnout today at Rancho Texas Lanzarote, where the construction of the new dolphinarium is under way as we speak.

I do hope we made enough noise, for them to stop what they are doing, but fear that greed and profit will, sadly, prevail in the end.  But then… we simply have to KEEP FIGHTING!


Impressions of Jerusalem – Photos From My Israel Trip

I really had the most amazing time visiting Israel from 8th to 15th April 2016.  Smack in the middle, on the 12th, was my 50th birthday, which was the reason I went over there for.

Apart from Jerusalem, I also visited Bethlehem, The Dead Sea and Tel Aviv, all of which are completely different from the Holy City, so it kind of feels like I had various holidays all rolled into one.

Here are my photos of impressions of Jerusalem, and the full gallery with all the photos I took you can see here on Flickr.


Cats of Jerusalem – My Catty Vacation in Israel

On my trip to Jerusalem last week, I wasn’t prepared how many wonderful kitties I would meet – I almost didn’t miss my own 3 rascals at all (but don’t tell them!).

On the 3rd day of my holiday, I also got the chance to do a bit of volunteering at the JSPCA (Jerusalem Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), and experience first hand how they work to help the animals over there – and they are really doing an amazing job!

Below are just a few piccies as a taster, but CLICK HERE if you want to see all the cat pictures on Flickr which I took of the street cats and JSPCA cats last week.


Meet the Australian Kitty Foster Fail Lady rescuing cats in the Philippines

I had the pleasure of doing an interview for Catster with the wonderful Michelle of Kitty Central, who is a total heroine to her 9 cats, and also to many other cats that she has rescued and fostered.

:: CLICK HERE to read her story ::

9-kitties baby-shay-tully harper-finn heroimage michelle-asha


Barbarella & Kitties on The Doctors TV Show in the US

Cute guy defending me! Love it, haha.

Stuck-up, typical all-American blonde lady: Get a sense of humour! The marriage to my cats is for *fun* and NOT official nor legal, hence totally not relevant in her comparison to same sex marriages.


Fake it for the Cats!

Storets, a women’s fashion brand, has partnered up with Neighborhood Cats, a charity organization for feral cats in New York City, to make a faux fur coat & clutch bag that will save feral cats´ lives.

Storets started off with the idea that faking it is better than the real deal. Why wear cruel real fur items and kill an innocent furry animal, when fake ones look and feel even better? And to make that message more clear than ever, they made a faux fur coat that will actually save a cats´ lives, instead of taking lives away.

One purchase of a faux fur coat will give one kitten his/her first health checkup. One purchase of a faux fur clutch bag will give a warm, insulated shelter for 4 feral cats. So by wearing this Ragdoll Tabby Faux Fur Coat (yes, it’s named after a ragdoll tabby cat!) you can be proud about not only saving a fox’s or other beautiful animal´s life from the fur industry, but also about giving a feral cat a healthy start in his/her life.

Please go and support their IndieGoGo Campaign by making a donation or buying one of their gorgeous fake fur coats or clutches – click this link:




KakaoTalk 20141023 183900196

CF logo v08


Greenpeace Ship “Arctic Sunrise” visits Lanzarote

The Arctic Sunrise spent 3 days in the port of Arrecife and opened its doors to the public, supporting the fight against Repsol and the other oil companies. The free tour of the ship was very informative and the volunteers/activists friendly and knowledgeable. See my photos below and the rest on my Flickr page.

We do NOT want oil platforms in front of our beautiful protected biosphere islands of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura! Please sign the petition at






I´m in the Captain´s Chair! ENGAGE! 😉DSCN1141


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