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Save the Canary Islands – No to Repsol Oil Platforms!

A new TV Spot that is not just for the Spanish or the people who live here, but to anyone in the world of any nationality who is interested in saving our environment and our planet, generally….

Sign the Petition here:


Hot Surfer Babe supports No Oil Canarias Action

With Repsol and 2 other oil multinationals on our doorsteps and ready to drill into the ocean floor unless we stop them (and we bloody well WILL!), we are getting a lot of support from all over the place, including this cute, blonde surfer babe….

NO to Oil in the Canary Islands – Sign the Petition –


I am childfree by choice

Morbid fear of children, finding giving birth revolting, valuing my freedom too much.  These are all reasons given by women who chose to not have children in today´s article in the UK Mirror.  

I have never had the urge to want children either.  Ever since I was a young girl, I was more into playing with my brother´s cowboy toys or knights´ fortress set rather than with my sister who was forever begging me to play with her Barbie dolls with her. I must admit that I was a bit of a tomboy, a very hyperactive child, always getting into trouble, always liking boy stuff such as football, climbing trees and skateboarding. Even back then, I did not want children “when I grow up”.  

At 25 and having had severe period pains for 2-3 days every month since age 13, I wanted a hysterectomy, knowing that I´d never want children anyway.  I told my GP and he just laughed and said “you can´t just have a hysterectomy because you wish it, there have to be reasons for it”.  Yes, my reasons are I don´t want painful periods any longer and I don´t want children.  And then the reply I heard all my life “ah, but you´ll change your mind“.  

No I won´t. 

At 35 I still didn´t want children and now at 46 I am glad I didn´t have any children, and *still* don´t want any!  

I am lucky to live in a time and century where this is acceptable, but I still come across many people to whom I have to justify myself, asking me “how can you not like or want children?”.  Instead of going into a longwinded answer, nowadays I simply say, “I just don´t” and give them a superior, knowing smile – which usually shuts them up about the matter.  And I do feel superior in the matter about my choice, not just for my own personal reasons, but because I know I am not contributing further to this planet´s severe overpopulation problem.  I have a sister who has 4 children (from 2 different fathers) and a brother who has 2 children (from 2 different mothers), so I think my family has already done more than enough to carry on the family name. 

There have been people in my past who rumoured that I might be gay because I don´t have a boyfriend or any children.  Whether I am or not is nobody´s business, but I´m not gay for the record, and there are enough lesbian couples out there who have and like children because they can adopt.  I myself prefer the company of my 3 cats – because it keeps things quiet and peaceful on the home front.  And that´s something I would never have had with children, and eventually grandchildren, around…. 


How Civilised is a Country that Declaws Cats?

Did you know that to declaw a cat is not the same as clipping a cat´s claws?  That it actually means an amputation of the last digit of each phalanx, bones and all, usually done on the front paws, but in rare cases on all four paws?  You didn´t?  I guess it´s time to enlighten you then.

Declawing is a legal procedure that is routinely done to cats in the United States and Canada, often as part of a spay/neuter/declaw package, adding nicely to a veterinary practice´s profits. Even though lately vets that practise this operation advertise using laser which apparently is “much cleaner” in terms of the actual surgery and easier for the cat afterwards, the thought that these “butchers” have the best interests of the cat in mind is extremely doubtful. There is absolutely nothing, and I repeat nothing, of benefit to the cat having its wonderful weapons chopped off, but will leave it to walk on painful tiptoe stumps for the rest of its life, not to mention other problems it will most likely develop due to trying to compensate for the loss of its fingertips.

Preventing your cat from scratching your furniture, yourself or your children/dog is one of the main excuses for having cats declawed in the US and Canada. The fact remains: this is what (some) cats do. Anyone who has ever grown up with cats in countries where declawing is illegal will have had cat scratches at some point, some more serious than others, and if you are a cat owner this is simply a fact of life.  Whether it´s during play or when a cat is teased by a young child, it is the cat´s natural instinct/defence to use its claws. I am lucky to have 3 cats that are very well tempered, but even though they have 2 scratch trees and one big, seemingly indestructible, sisal rug that they are allowed to use at their leisure, I still sometimes find them using part of the sofa or the office chair to sharpen their “nails”, and I still get scratched every now and then.  Cause that´s what cats do

Declawing seems, to me, to be the result of a lazy, ignorant and capitalist society that would rather maim an animal and make a profit from it (vets) than educate and spend time training and teaching cats from a young age, or use alternative measures like we would use in Europe, such as bi-weekly nail trimmings or glue-on nail caps (i.e. SoftPaws).  Flawless furniture seems to be more important than a cat´s welfare in these so-called civilised countries. Which brings me to the next point. 

The fact that the majority of landlords in the US and Canada demand in their rental contracts “if you have a cat it has to be declawed”, doesn´t give cat owners much of a choice in many cases. The simplicity of rental contracts in Europe which either state “pets allowed” or “no pets” on the other hand, is laid out in black and white and without the possibility of a cat suffering any abuse. But then, that is because in most European countries declawing is illegal.  

So how dare these so-called advanced Western societies inflict this pointless, purely cosmetic, cruelty on another living being, and moreover, legally?! That is what declawing is: CRUEL. And UNNECESSARY

Change never happens overnight, not even in a decade or two in most cases, whether we like it or not. However, slow advances have been happening over the last 15 years, since I was first shocked finding out about declawing in the US and Canada. More and more people are raising their voices thanks to the internet with many anti-declaw petitions collecting signatures of outrage. Vets in 8 local governments in California including Los Angeles and San Francisco recently declared a ban on declaw ops recognising the practice as inhumane, and US Senators are speaking out to have it banned in their State – so all hope is not lost!

In the end it´s the whole “system” as a whole that needs to change in the US and Canada though, meaning *all* veterinaries´ mentalities towards welfare v. profit, as well as landlords´ and property owners´ mentalities. We need more politicians who care about animal welfare rather than votes, and people who decide to get a cat realising that a cat scratch and less than pristine furniture are simply part of the wonderful life that we share with our feline friends.

Only then will they realise that its claws are one huge part that makes a cat truly a cat.

Please watch this great informative video of US veterinarian Dr Karen Becker informing us to find alternatives to declawing.

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NO! To Oil in the Canary Islands

There has been no recent news that I have heard of regarding the proposed Repsol oil platforms off the coasts of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.  

However, the protests continue, with the next event being a “human chain“, organised for 17:00 hrs on 26th May 2012 in Arrecife, starting at the Cabildo and along Playa Reducto.  

Additionally, I would ask you to take a minute to sign the petition below – so far there are already over 15,000 signatures – and we still hope that Repsol will withdraw and the Spanish government, who are vehemently ignoring the fact that a substantial part of the waters around these islands are protected marine biospheres, and that the Canarian Government is fighting bitterly against their decision, will forget about ever even *considering* this dreadful deal…


Obama takes the US into the 21st Century – Finally!

President Barack Obama yesterday set a huge historic landmark by expressing that same-sex marriage “should be legal”.  

This is an amazing step forward not just for the US but for the whole World, as he is setting an example that all human beings should be treated equally, no matter what sexual orientation they are.  

The only thing now is to actually make it legal, and I wonder how long it will take and with how much difficulty Obama is going to achieve this, since his administration is split 50/50 on this subject?

Watch the video and let me have your comments on what you think about Obama “coming out” with this….

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