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Happy Lucky 13th Anniversary, Boys!

13 years ago I “married” my beloved tabby twins Lugosi and Spider. In 2015, we held a little “renewal of meows” ceremony which was featured on UK TV in Channel 5’s documentary about “cat crazies” called “90 Cats and Counting” (see our part from the documentary in the video below).

My boys are now 17 and a half years old and I don’t know if this is going to be our last anniversary, but even if it was, my love for them is for always and ever. 

LOVE YOU big time, my sweet boys! And hey, Ruby, I love you too, of course! ;)

Disclaimer: I don’t care what people think about this. Just don’t end up with your mind in the gutter because it’s not meant to be serious, nor official or legally binding in a court of law. ;)

Spider and Lugosi’s initials immortalised in a cattoo on my leg.


Happy 11th Anniversary to my Boys!

To my sweet boys, Lugosi & Spider: I still love you as much, if not more, as on the first day we met back in March 2000. And your purrs and the affection you show me tells me that the feeling is mutual. Happy 11th Anniversary, my darlings!

(Photos courtesy of News Dog Media)





10 Years in Lanzarote

Wow, it´s already been 10 years since I moved here on 24th February 2004!

I had to get up at the unholy hour of 03:30 hrs on that day to be taken to the airport, together with my two fur kids Spider and Lugosi, to make the big move to another country.  We left at around 04:30 hrs for my 09:00 hrs British Airways flight from Heathrow to Lanzarote – 1 1/2 hrs´ drive to the airport, and we had to get there 3 hours before the departure time, because the boys had to be checked in at the cargo area, which was a long way away from the main airport where I myself had to check in.

Armed with my huge suitcase and said two felines, I arrived on the island at around 13:30.  I was told that the cats would come out on the same conveyor belt as my suitcase, so I waited patiently, but after 30 mins everybody else had left and no other luggage came out…  I panicked, of course, but after asking another airport employee where I could find my boys, they told me that I had to pick them up from the cargo area!  I only just made it there (in a taxi) because they were closing early because of the Carnival, so I was running around like mad, just getting there in time to pick up my babies!

After that I was off to settle into my new apartment in Puerto del Carmen, followed by throwing myself into the Carnival festivities, of course!  Sadly, it took Spider and Lugosi 3 weeks to fully come out from under the bed – they didn´t get used to their new home easily, especially after the trauma of the long journey, but they rule the roost now…

On 8th March, it´s going to be my 10th Carnival here in Lanzarote.
Here´s to another 10…. :)

10th anniversary drinks at the Craic n´ Ceol with my friends (from left: Susana, Sheila, Robi, myself and Marlene)
10th anniversary drinks at the Craic n´ Ceol with my friends