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Lanzarote finally gets a Pet Crematorium!

Pet owners in Lanzarote who lost a beloved pet, have had until now no option to give their deceased pet a decent and dignified send-off. If your pet died at the vets or was found dead in the road, it will be sent to the municipal animal crematorium in Arrecife and chucked in with all the other animals, including roadkill and leftover carcasses from slaughter houses. To a loving pet owner, this is very non-personal and quite horrible really. If you have a garden, then sometimes burial is possible, but many of us live in apartments, and some of us go and find some secluded spot in the country to do a discrete burial. Mind you, both of the latter are illegal.

But someone has been listening to the many voices of pet owners here, and we now finally have a crematorium for our furbabies.

Hela Pet Crematorium is in Arrecife, and their cremation service (based on a 5kg animal), including one of their basic urns, costs around €75, so is very affordable to most people.

I know this is quite a sad subject, but an important one too. I for one, would love to be able to make my kitties’ passing as loving and luxurious as all the things that I have given them in life.

Having two 18 year old tabby boys makes me aware every day that their clocks are ticking and we don’t have that much time left together, and I am glad that when the time comes, I now have the option to see them off to the Rainbow Bridge with the dignity the deserve…


Greenpeace Ship “Arctic Sunrise” visits Lanzarote

The Arctic Sunrise spent 3 days in the port of Arrecife and opened its doors to the public, supporting the fight against Repsol and the other oil companies. The free tour of the ship was very informative and the volunteers/activists friendly and knowledgeable. See my photos below and the rest on my Flickr page.

We do NOT want oil platforms in front of our beautiful protected biosphere islands of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura! Please sign the petition at www.savecanarias.org






I´m in the Captain´s Chair! ENGAGE! ;) DSCN1141


Gotta survive in this heat!

At 37 degrees Celsius today, I saw this street tom in Arrecife getting his water intake from whatever source he can (a leaking pipe in the building´s wall)…. beggars can´t be choosers.


NO! To Oil in the Canary Islands

There has been no recent news that I have heard of regarding the proposed Repsol oil platforms off the coasts of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.  

However, the protests continue, with the next event being a “human chain“, organised for 17:00 hrs on 26th May 2012 in Arrecife, starting at the Cabildo and along Playa Reducto.  

Additionally, I would ask you to take a minute to sign the petition below – so far there are already over 15,000 signatures – and we still hope that Repsol will withdraw and the Spanish government, who are vehemently ignoring the fact that a substantial part of the waters around these islands are protected marine biospheres, and that the Canarian Government is fighting bitterly against their decision, will forget about ever even *considering* this dreadful deal…