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Canna-Pet Natural Cannabinoids Review – Spider One Year On

I wrote a post on Canna-Pet’s natural cannabinoids back in September last year and how they have helped my boy Spider, and thought I would write a quick update on how he is doing now.

Spider has been on Canna-Pet for about a year now, and the adenocarcinoma that my vet removed from his ear a year ago has shown no signs whatsoever of growing back, even though she told me that it “may be back in a year or so”.  His kidney values have also improved, which is quite a miracle in a cat that has been in kidney failure for the last two years! This is surely in part due to Canna-Pet, but also helped by a supplement called Renafood which I give him once a day.

Apart from that, Spider’s fur has become extremely soft, he is more cuddly and responsive/vocal than ever, and his loud crying in the middle of the night only happens occasionally now. He has also become more active again – behaving like a much younger cat!  See this video of him jumping after his ping pong ball. :)

All in all, I am extremely pleased with these developments, and would recommend Canna-Pet to anyone who has tried just about anything, but nothing has helped, for their cats or dogs with cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, digestive tract problems, allergies and skin conditions, to name just a few.

Click Here to check out their website for more info. 


Beastie Boy dies from Cancer

It was a sad day yesterday when one of rap´s greatest icons died at age 47 – Beastie Boy Adam “MCA” Yauch who was diagnosed with a tumour in his salivary gland in 2009, joined the hall of fame in the great beyond.  

Back in 1987 I was a huge fan of the Beastie Boys and followed them round the UK with my friend Katie, including the infamous riot gig in Liverpool (I was hardly ever so scared in my life, even though we were backstage with the crew!).  I count myself lucky to have met Adam and the boys and their friends and crew who travelled with them back then and had a great time at their gigs.  

All I can say is rest in peace MCA, you were a fantastic inspiration to generations of young rappers and artists, and will, no doubt, continue to be….

A photo from one of the gigs in 1987 of my friend Katie and me (on right) with Adam.