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Lanzarote finally gets a Pet Crematorium!

Pet owners in Lanzarote who lost a beloved pet, have had until now no option to give their deceased pet a decent and dignified send-off. If your pet died at the vets or was found dead in the road, it will be sent to the municipal animal crematorium in Arrecife and chucked in with all the other animals, including roadkill and leftover carcasses from slaughter houses. To a loving pet owner, this is very non-personal and quite horrible really. If you have a garden, then sometimes burial is possible, but many of us live in apartments, and some of us go and find some secluded spot in the country to do a discrete burial. Mind you, both of the latter are illegal.

But someone has been listening to the many voices of pet owners here, and we now finally have a crematorium for our furbabies.

Hela Pet Crematorium is in Arrecife, and their cremation service (based on a 5kg animal), including one of their basic urns, costs around €75, so is very affordable to most people.

I know this is quite a sad subject, but an important one too. I for one, would love to be able to make my kitties’ passing as loving and luxurious as all the things that I have given them in life.

Having two 18 year old tabby boys makes me aware every day that their clocks are ticking and we don’t have that much time left together, and I am glad that when the time comes, I now have the option to see them off to the Rainbow Bridge with the dignity the deserve…


17 Year Old Spider The Cat Takes Canna-Pet Natural Cannabinoids

In March 2015, my boy Spider was diagnosed with kidney disease. Being in its early stages, there was still a lot of hope, but of course, the condition is not reversible and will eventually get worse. However, there are quite a few things we can do to slow down the progression.

The first thing I did, was put all 3 kitties back on a raw BARF diet. Some sources say that the high protein count in raw meat is not good for cats with kidney disease, but I mix the meat with raw pumpkin and I also give Spider a supplement call Renafood once a day.  This apparently worked very well because by the end of last year, his kidney values had stayed the same and not got worse. But age creeps up on all of us, and a year after his initial diagnosis, his kidney values did show some deterioration – but he’s still ok!

Then in June of this year, Spider had to have a malignant tumour (an adenocarcinoma) removed from his right ear, but this at least is a tumour that has only a low chance of metastases….


On my many Google searches for “miracle cures”, I came across Canna-Pet, which are capsules for pets filled with natural cannabinoids made from hemp, and decided to order a 2 month supply of their Canna-Pet Advanced for Small Pets.

Being a medical cannabis user myself because the 24/7 pain I suffer from fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis cannot be easily killed by even the strongest painkillers, I thought “wow, this might just help Spider as well!”.

Canna-Pet’s products are made exclusively from hemp, a non-psychoactive plant which represents a natural cannabinoid source for pet supplements. A study of pet owners using Canna-Pet for their cats and dogs showed that there was a lot of improvement in their pets, treating conditions such as allergies, digestive tract problems, seizures, muscle spasms and inflammatory illnesses. In many cases it also slowed down the re-growth of cancer cells and reduced vomiting and nausea.

A week into taking the pills, Spider suddenly started acting like a new cat! He stopped his constant howling in the middle of the night (every night), something which regular veterinary meds could not help with, and he now eats better than ever, is so much more cuddly and even more playful than before. The above mentioned tumour has also shown no signs of growing back yet.

I am so pleased and amazed that Canna-Pet is helping Spider so much – his quality of life is now back to what it was before he became ill. I am not deluding myself that Canna-Pet is a cure for all of petkind’s ailments, but I do believe that it helps give my beloved kitties the chance of a better quality life in their old age – hopefully right until the day they pass over the Rainbow Bridge…


Meet the Australian Kitty Foster Fail Lady rescuing cats in the Philippines

I had the pleasure of doing an interview for Catster with the wonderful Michelle of Kitty Central, who is a total heroine to her 9 cats, and also to many other cats that she has rescued and fostered.

:: CLICK HERE to read her story ::

9-kitties baby-shay-tully harper-finn heroimage michelle-asha


Cat vs. Baby Goose – Harbour Cats Puerto del Carmen

Watch these little guys having a tiff over some cat food! :)


Trap Neuter Return – Harbour Cats Puerto del Carmen

A friend and I trapped one of the feral kittens from the cat colony in the Old Town Harbour in Puerto del Carmen yesterday, took it to the vet to be neutered, and returned it to its familiar surroundings today.

Here it is reunited with its mum and litter mates (licking the vet stench off its fur!).

othercats-0348 othercats-0349 othercats-0350


Catnip Camera featured on Catster

Here´s my latest Catster article, which is… about myself! Actually, it´s about Catnip Camera and my feline photography really, but with a bit of personal back story thrown in. ENJOY!

:: Click to read the Catnip Camera Article on Catster ::

You´ll find many more beautiful cat photos in the actual article, but here are just three for now…

odd eyed white cat face

two kittens in alley

maine coon tabby


SARA Lanzarote Animal Shelter Open Day – Promoting Adoptions

Our local animal shelter had an open day today to promote adoptions of pet dogs and cats. The event was incredibly well attended, but as I am more interested in socialising with kitties (and dogs too, but they tire me out too much!), most of the photos featured here are of — yes you guessed it — felines…

The full photo set of cats, dogs and also some humans can be found here on Flickr.

The “Older Kittens” Room
2013-11-02 12.09

2013-11-02 12.10

And the “Younger Kittens” Room
2013-11-02 12.13

2013-11-02 12.15

But older kitties are so beautiful too and need homes as well!
2013-11-02 11.57

2013-11-02 12.24


Four Pawed Pet Bowls!

I want you to meet Dylan Kendall, a professional cat rescuer & talented artist!

In her spare time she helps rescue and find homes for homeless four pawed cats. Most recently, she was able to trap a starving kitten by her home who spent an entire night crying for help. All it took was a trap, some yummy cat food, 10 minutes and the kitten would then forever be spoiled! Dylan brought him inside and gave him time to rest for the night. He moved so fast, that she named him Rocket! This kitten has grown to love humans, fellow felines and a 3 legged Chihuahua.

Four legged pet bowls

Dylan is a ceramist and a home accessories designer and she has designed these dog and cat bowls perched on 4 little paws called “Four Pawed Pet Bowls“, which are just so darn adorable!  They are raised to help enforce healthy digestion, and are made from bacteria-resistant stoneware.

Four legged pet bowls

However, she needs to successfully fund them on Kickstarter first in order to bring them onto the market. Can I ask you all to help her out by backing her pledging as little as 1 USD (you can use your Facebook account to sign in, no need to create a Kickstarter account unless you want to!). The way it works, you will only get charged if the goal is reached, and if not, you just won´t. If the goal is reached, they can start delivering these gorgeous bowls by October.

Here´s the link:

AND PLEASE SHARE THIS on Facebook / Twitter / social media, if you can – thanks!


How Civilised is a Country that Declaws Cats?

Did you know that to declaw a cat is not the same as clipping a cat´s claws?  That it actually means an amputation of the last digit of each phalanx, bones and all, usually done on the front paws, but in rare cases on all four paws?  You didn´t?  I guess it´s time to enlighten you then.

Declawing is a legal procedure that is routinely done to cats in the United States and Canada, often as part of a spay/neuter/declaw package, adding nicely to a veterinary practice´s profits. Even though lately vets that practise this operation advertise using laser which apparently is “much cleaner” in terms of the actual surgery and easier for the cat afterwards, the thought that these “butchers” have the best interests of the cat in mind is extremely doubtful. There is absolutely nothing, and I repeat nothing, of benefit to the cat having its wonderful weapons chopped off, but will leave it to walk on painful tiptoe stumps for the rest of its life, not to mention other problems it will most likely develop due to trying to compensate for the loss of its fingertips.

Preventing your cat from scratching your furniture, yourself or your children/dog is one of the main excuses for having cats declawed in the US and Canada. The fact remains: this is what (some) cats do. Anyone who has ever grown up with cats in countries where declawing is illegal will have had cat scratches at some point, some more serious than others, and if you are a cat owner this is simply a fact of life.  Whether it´s during play or when a cat is teased by a young child, it is the cat´s natural instinct/defence to use its claws. I am lucky to have 3 cats that are very well tempered, but even though they have 2 scratch trees and one big, seemingly indestructible, sisal rug that they are allowed to use at their leisure, I still sometimes find them using part of the sofa or the office chair to sharpen their “nails”, and I still get scratched every now and then.  Cause that´s what cats do

Declawing seems, to me, to be the result of a lazy, ignorant and capitalist society that would rather maim an animal and make a profit from it (vets) than educate and spend time training and teaching cats from a young age, or use alternative measures like we would use in Europe, such as bi-weekly nail trimmings or glue-on nail caps (i.e. SoftPaws).  Flawless furniture seems to be more important than a cat´s welfare in these so-called civilised countries. Which brings me to the next point. 

The fact that the majority of landlords in the US and Canada demand in their rental contracts “if you have a cat it has to be declawed”, doesn´t give cat owners much of a choice in many cases. The simplicity of rental contracts in Europe which either state “pets allowed” or “no pets” on the other hand, is laid out in black and white and without the possibility of a cat suffering any abuse. But then, that is because in most European countries declawing is illegal.  

So how dare these so-called advanced Western societies inflict this pointless, purely cosmetic, cruelty on another living being, and moreover, legally?! That is what declawing is: CRUEL. And UNNECESSARY

Change never happens overnight, not even in a decade or two in most cases, whether we like it or not. However, slow advances have been happening over the last 15 years, since I was first shocked finding out about declawing in the US and Canada. More and more people are raising their voices thanks to the internet with many anti-declaw petitions collecting signatures of outrage. Vets in 8 local governments in California including Los Angeles and San Francisco recently declared a ban on declaw ops recognising the practice as inhumane, and US Senators are speaking out to have it banned in their State – so all hope is not lost!

In the end it´s the whole “system” as a whole that needs to change in the US and Canada though, meaning *all* veterinaries´ mentalities towards welfare v. profit, as well as landlords´ and property owners´ mentalities. We need more politicians who care about animal welfare rather than votes, and people who decide to get a cat realising that a cat scratch and less than pristine furniture are simply part of the wonderful life that we share with our feline friends.

Only then will they realise that its claws are one huge part that makes a cat truly a cat.

Please watch this great informative video of US veterinarian Dr Karen Becker informing us to find alternatives to declawing.

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Feline Eating Disorders – Is there such a thing?

Just like humans, all cats are different.  This also means that they have different tastes in food and different eating habits.

None of my three cats has what I would call “normal” behaviour towards food.  Lugosi is “the feline dustbin”, Ruby eats and picks at her meals like a bird, and Spider…. well, the latter is the most finickity eater out of the lot.

Once I have put food down for all three, Spider is always the one that sniffs and then sticks his nose up and walks off. One way around it is to encourage him by putting a little food on my finger and letting him lick it off.  But even then, it´s kind of a game, where he sniffs at it, backs away slowly, and then sniffs at it again about 3 times before he decides to gently stick his tongue out and eat it. After repeating this a couple of times, he only eats a tiny bit, and walks off again. At other times, he will only touch his food when it´s served on the floor.  Yes, you heard right.  The floor.  No plate or bowl. Tsk!

The problem is that I feed them raw food these days because it is simply much healthier than the sh*t that goes into even the special food that can be bought from the vets. And because it´s raw, I can´t leave it out all day and it needs to go back into the fridge after half an hour. Lucky for the cats, I am currently unemployed apart from a bit of web design from home, so I am being used like a well-trained human yoyo, forever going back and forth taking their food out of the fridge and then returning it after they had a few bites to eat!

Feel free to comment with your own experiences of your cats´ eating habits.  I would love to hear about it. :)

P.S.: My kitties´ raw food diet is supplemented with a fantastic powder called “My Natural Cat” that contains all the vitamins and minerals that cats need, available from my wonderful friend Felice at Feline Instincts.

Spider munching raw chicken
Spider munching raw chicken

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