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No a la Caza con Galgos y Otras Razas – Demo in Arrecife

No to hunting with Galgos and other breeds – photos from the anti-cruelty anti-hunting demo in Arrecife, Lanzarote on 4th February 2018.


NO! To Oil in the Canary Islands

There has been no recent news that I have heard of regarding the proposed Repsol oil platforms off the coasts of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.  

However, the protests continue, with the next event being a “human chain“, organised for 17:00 hrs on 26th May 2012 in Arrecife, starting at the Cabildo and along Playa Reducto.  

Additionally, I would ask you to take a minute to sign the petition below – so far there are already over 15,000 signatures – and we still hope that Repsol will withdraw and the Spanish government, who are vehemently ignoring the fact that a substantial part of the waters around these islands are protected marine biospheres, and that the Canarian Government is fighting bitterly against their decision, will forget about ever even *considering* this dreadful deal…


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