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Lanzarote finally gets a Pet Crematorium!

Pet owners in Lanzarote who lost a beloved pet, have had until now no option to give their deceased pet a decent and dignified send-off. If your pet died at the vets or was found dead in the road, it will be sent to the municipal animal crematorium in Arrecife and chucked in with all the other animals, including roadkill and leftover carcasses from slaughter houses. To a loving pet owner, this is very non-personal and quite horrible really. If you have a garden, then sometimes burial is possible, but many of us live in apartments, and some of us go and find some secluded spot in the country to do a discrete burial. Mind you, both of the latter are illegal.

But someone has been listening to the many voices of pet owners here, and we now finally have a crematorium for our furbabies.

Hela Pet Crematorium is in Arrecife, and their cremation service (based on a 5kg animal), including one of their basic urns, costs around €75, so is very affordable to most people.

I know this is quite a sad subject, but an important one too. I for one, would love to be able to make my kitties’ passing as loving and luxurious as all the things that I have given them in life.

Having two 18 year old tabby boys makes me aware every day that their clocks are ticking and we don’t have that much time left together, and I am glad that when the time comes, I now have the option to see them off to the Rainbow Bridge with the dignity the deserve…


Scooby North America Rescues Galgos Dogs in Spain and Finds Them Homes in the U.S.

Read my latest article on Dogster…

Scooby North America Rescues Galgos Dogs in Spain and Finds Them Homes in the U.S.

Few breeds of dogs have to endure the same kind of hardship as the Galgo Español (Spanish Greyhound). Galgos are extremely gentle and calm; get on fantastically with young children, other dogs, and even cats; and would like nothing more than spend the whole day lazing around on a comfy sofa.


Cats of Jerusalem – My Catty Vacation in Israel

On my trip to Jerusalem last week, I wasn’t prepared how many wonderful kitties I would meet – I almost didn’t miss my own 3 rascals at all (but don’t tell them!).

On the 3rd day of my holiday, I also got the chance to do a bit of volunteering at the JSPCA (Jerusalem Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), and experience first hand how they work to help the animals over there – and they are really doing an amazing job!

Below are just a few piccies as a taster, but CLICK HERE if you want to see all the cat pictures on Flickr which I took of the street cats and JSPCA cats last week.


SARA Lanzarote Animal Shelter Open Day – Promoting Adoptions

Our local animal shelter had an open day today to promote adoptions of pet dogs and cats. The event was incredibly well attended, but as I am more interested in socialising with kitties (and dogs too, but they tire me out too much!), most of the photos featured here are of — yes you guessed it — felines…

The full photo set of cats, dogs and also some humans can be found here on Flickr.

The “Older Kittens” Room
2013-11-02 12.09

2013-11-02 12.10

And the “Younger Kittens” Room
2013-11-02 12.13

2013-11-02 12.15

But older kitties are so beautiful too and need homes as well!
2013-11-02 11.57

2013-11-02 12.24


Four Pawed Pet Bowls!

I want you to meet Dylan Kendall, a professional cat rescuer & talented artist!

In her spare time she helps rescue and find homes for homeless four pawed cats. Most recently, she was able to trap a starving kitten by her home who spent an entire night crying for help. All it took was a trap, some yummy cat food, 10 minutes and the kitten would then forever be spoiled! Dylan brought him inside and gave him time to rest for the night. He moved so fast, that she named him Rocket! This kitten has grown to love humans, fellow felines and a 3 legged Chihuahua.

Four legged pet bowls

Dylan is a ceramist and a home accessories designer and she has designed these dog and cat bowls perched on 4 little paws called “Four Pawed Pet Bowls“, which are just so darn adorable!  They are raised to help enforce healthy digestion, and are made from bacteria-resistant stoneware.

Four legged pet bowls

However, she needs to successfully fund them on Kickstarter first in order to bring them onto the market. Can I ask you all to help her out by backing her pledging as little as 1 USD (you can use your Facebook account to sign in, no need to create a Kickstarter account unless you want to!). The way it works, you will only get charged if the goal is reached, and if not, you just won´t. If the goal is reached, they can start delivering these gorgeous bowls by October.

Here´s the link:

AND PLEASE SHARE THIS on Facebook / Twitter / social media, if you can – thanks!


Responsible and Respectful Pet Ownership

As a dog owner you have certain responsibilities.  Being a pet owner there are things that need to be done to ensure your furbaby´s happiness and good health.  

However, have you thought of the happiness of the people around you when it comes to your pooch?  Chances are you haven´t, if you leave your dog´s poop lying in the middle of the street or in your neighbour´s flowerbed, or go to work locking doggie in your house or on your patio where it barks in frustration all day because it cannot spend time with the person it adores.

I have never been able to understand the mentality of these people.  Have their parents never taught them to respect others?  To me, this kind of behaviour is the ultimate in disrespect and inconsideration towards “thy neighbour“.  We are all living together in this street, this town, this country, on this planet, but as time goes on I have found that nobody respects anybody anymore these days. 

I accosted a woman in the street a while ago and told her in the most friendly but firm manner possible, after she let her dog poop on the side of the pavement and started to walk away, “please, would you do me a favour and clean that up?”.  I got into a short conversation with her suggesting that it was a simple thing to take a plastic bag with her and scoop up the poop and put it in a nearby bin, after which she basically stated “nobody else does it, so why should I?”.  Not really knowing what else to say to that, I replied “well, you really are a fine example for your children”, before I walked away in suppressed anger.  

I am starting to feel like some kind of “freak” these days complaining about dog turds in the alley where I live and dogs barking all day long.  There seem to be only a handful of people who feel the same way about this, but most just ignore it because they are guilty of these crimes themselves.  

Oh yes, by the way, it is a crime to have your dog foul the street!  Even here in sunny, paradisical Lanzarote.  It is by law a punishable offence with fines and even prison.  Unfortunately, “minor laws” like this are just not enforced at all.  I wish that more tourists would visit the residential back streets of Puerto del Carmen and witness this horrible mess, and wonder how quickly the Ayuntamiento (Council) would act and make enforcing this law much more strict once complaints from tourists start coming?

The noise pollution from barking dogs is another thing.  Back in the UK most people would keep their dogs inside because of the constantly bad weather, whereas in Lanzarote the weather is always nice and most dogs are outside on patios, in gardens or even on small balconies. I have made numerous phone calls to the police about dogs barking during the night, and even though there´s not much they can do about dogs barking in the daytime hours, it is most annoying having to listen to this noise for most of the day, every day. Decibel-wise, I am sure it is much worse than loud music – but the “on and off” nature of it is, of course, hard to complain about. 

Apart from the noise, I am of course concerned for the animals´ welfare.  Getting a puppy and then going to work for 8 or 9 hours five or six days a week, is cruelty and neglect, in my view.  If they did their research before  getting a dog they would know that dogs are pack animals and need a leader or master, that they are extremely social animals, and that they should not be left alone for any length of time.  They then find that poochie starts peeing around the house and destroying things while they´re out, followed by poochie ending up outside when they go to work, and poochie becomes even more unhappy so it starts barking and howling in sadness and frustration and the whole neighbourhood has to listen to it too. End of story. 

Or is it? Not for the poor dog, nor the people who are “forced” to listen, unfortunately. Feeling lonely, cast out (of the house) and bored all day with no human (or other animal) company is something that NO animal should feel, and especially not a dog. There is not much I can do though, because as long as it has shade and water, it is all perfectly legal. Regarding the barking, it seems that once you have succeeded with one dog and its owner, a new one moves into the neighbourhood and it all starts afresh. 

So for now, I guess I have to put up with stepping around dog poop on a daily basis and listening to sad pooches complaining noisily. 

Lanzarote may seem like paradise when you´re on holiday here, but some of its reality is not so pleasant….

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