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New Hair – Painting 2017 Red!

I decided to have a total change in style and colour!

My original idea was fuchsia coloured hair with purple at the roots, but sadly, my hair has way too much black dye build up, and for the aforementioned colours it needs to be bleached to almost white, and my hair doesn’t go any lighter than orange… so I had to just stick with red!

On the bright side (pardon the pun, hehe!), with this colour I can at least wear just about anything that I already have – I have a lot of red clothes. With fuchsia colour hair I would probably have had to buy myself a whole new wardrobe to match! ;)


New Hair!

Before, During and After! :)

SAM 1888

SAM 1890

SAM 1895

Eeek! Me no like blonde!!! So not me!
SAM 1896

Ah, that´s better!
SAM 1898

That´s quite a lot of hair that came off…
SAM 1904

End Result = MeLikes! :)
SAM 1901

SAM 1908