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Happy Lucky 13th Anniversary, Boys!

13 years ago I “married” my beloved tabby twins Lugosi and Spider. In 2015, we held a little “renewal of meows” ceremony which was featured on UK TV in Channel 5’s documentary about “cat crazies” called “90 Cats and Counting” (see our part from the documentary in the video below).

My boys are now 17 and a half years old and I don’t know if this is going to be our last anniversary, but even if it was, my love for them is for always and ever. 

LOVE YOU big time, my sweet boys! And hey, Ruby, I love you too, of course! ;)

Disclaimer: I don’t care what people think about this. Just don’t end up with your mind in the gutter because it’s not meant to be serious, nor official or legally binding in a court of law. ;)

Spider and Lugosi’s initials immortalised in a cattoo on my leg.


Radio Interview with UK TalkRadio Station about Marrying my Cats

I hope you enjoy listening to this short interview I did this morning on talkradio.co.uk


Barbarella & Kitties on The Doctors TV Show in the US

Cute guy defending me! Love it, haha.

Stuck-up, typical all-American blonde lady: Get a sense of humour! The marriage to my cats is for *fun* and NOT official nor legal, hence totally not relevant in her comparison to same sex marriages.


Radio Interview with CJAD Montreal

More fame for me and my kattens! Here´s a recording of the short interview I just did with Barry Morgan on this Canadian radio station… :)

Share Music – Embed Audio Files – CJAD.com Montreal Radio Inte…


I married my cats – in the British press again!

We are getting more and more famous!

Click here to read this wonderful article in the Daily Mail Online today… 


Fame at last: I married my Cats

On 4th November this year UK journalist Pesala, together with photographer Matt from News Dog Media, came over to Lanzarote to do an interview and photoshoot with me and the cats regarding myself having married Lugosi and Spider back in January 2004. The first to publish it is THE SUN newspaper, but after Christmas it will go out to a lot of other online and offline newspapers too.

If you have a subscription with THE SUN, you can read the article here.

If you don´t, below is a scan of the printed version that I got today. Click on the piccie to read the enlarged version.

Holy Catrimony - The Sun Article

Funnily enough, they put us right underneath all the topless Page 3 girls! LOL

I´m on Page 3 of the Sun!